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How to Improve User Website in Website Development

When you are building a website, you need to focus more on the user experience and not just what you want it to be. You might get a different feedback from what you held to be true about website features when you talk to the users. Studies conducted between 2000 and 2015 show that the attention span of human beings is not what it once was. The figure came down by 12 seconds. Website designers cannot afford to ignore this information. You can influence the user to stay on the page in just about 8 seconds. Your value proposition has to be strong enough to make the users keep on reading the content. You will probably see their interest start to wan if you are taking longer than 8 seconds. This is why before designing a website you need to understand how to appeal to the user. First of all, you need a unique value proposition. There is a lot of emphases put on making a great impression at first but remember that the content is what will make the user stay. The decision on whether to check another site or stay on the current one all depends on the value proposition. Basically, this is the information on how the product you are offering or service will be beneficial to the user. The specific benefits should be highlighted too and an explanation on why what you are offering is better than what the competitors have.

You need to do the best you can to declutter the website. A poorly organized site is not pleasing to the eye. The brain does not process cluttered spaces well too. People comprehension of the content on websites was noted to improve by 20 percent when white space is added in between the paragraphs and also the margins. The website layout might not make it perform better but it has been shown to improve the experience of the users and also their satisfaction. The mood of the user can be affected by the design elements on your website. You need the visitors to notice an improvement in mood. The simple act of adding wide space on the website can see your traffic go up. The readers will be happy if the site is easy to navigate because they won’t have to use a lot of energy in sorting things out.

Call-to-action buttons are very essential. Besides making your website attractive, this button is an invaluable feature. It is not just the people who are selling products or services who need it. This might be your call for the person to download the ebook you have, register for a free trial or even subscribe to your mailing list.

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